From the intricacies of skills honed for antique restoration and cabinet making comes a fresh and modern approach to contemporary high quality bespoke furniture production for both public and the trade. Each piece is hand made here in the UK from our workshop on the South East coast and tailored exactly to our client’s demands, ensuring every attentional to detail is given during the manufacturing process.

Committed to continuous improvement in bespoke furniture from innovative design, through classical craftsmanship and even embracing sustainable sources, Adur Woodworks will take the versatility of wood and make it work for you.

Have a furniture problem that needs solving?

Many people have an idea of a furniture style in mind, but simply can not find anything in store that fits their exact requirements… or price range! That is where the need a bespoke furniture maker comes in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your mitres from your metres, Adur Woodworks will take away the confusion and frustration and deliver something that is personal to your tastes, on time and in budget.

Working to make your dream furniture a reality

Beautifully Designed

Whether the sheer warmth of natural wood, or combined with contemporary coloured finishes, bring elegance and sophistication to your home and office.


Hand Finished

From identifying selective wood grains to drawing out their inherent beauty, enjoy quality craftsmanship that can create furniture as individual as you are.


Personalised Service

Taking the time to understand each client’s needs ensures the best and most appropriate techniques and finishes are agreed from the outset.

Competitively Priced

In a world of mass production, you will be pleasantly surprised that having bespoke furniture designed, made and installed really needn’t cost the earth.